The Conrad - Adventskalender

The festive season is just around the corner and the anticipation of Christmas grows with each passing day! Conrad would like to brighten up the pre-Christmas season for you, dear retailers and model fans! Take a look at our social media channels every day and discover our Advent calendar with great promotions and exciting information. Most of the promotions concern our dealers directly, but there are also some surprises for you, dear collectors! It is worthwhile to look at the Conrad Advent calendar every day, according to the motto: "Every day a surprise for retailers and/or fans! By the way: You can find the "doors" of our calendar every day on Facebook and Instagram.

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Information on our competitions

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Gewinnspiel „Adventskalender 2022 – Verlosung von drei Einzelteile-Sets“ am 21.12.2022
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Gewinnspiel „Adventskalender 2022 – Conrad-Modelle unterm Weihnachtsbaum“ am 24.12.2022
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