What I always wanted to know about Conrad models

Which model-making scales are available in the Conrad range?

Our models are mainly produced in 1/50 scale from zinc die-cast with fine plastic elements. However, we also produce models or technical products to this widespread scale in 1/25, 1/32, 1/35, 1/40, 1/87 or, if required, in a completely individual model construction scale.

Can you also order directly from Conrad?

We sell our models exclusively through specialized model shops and exclusive models only to corporate customers. There is no direct ordering option.

Where can you buy Conrad models?

The Conrad assortment and new models are sold worldwide through selected model building dealers. Please contact our specialist model trade partners in Germany, Europe and also worldwide. You can find a list here.

What are "exclusive models"?

One of Conrad's specialities is to create models for industrial clients. These so-called exclusive models usually do not appear in the product range or in the "Novelties" section. They are produced exclusively for the respective client and are used for special advertising purposes or an own merchandising store. In some cases Conrad cooperates with the buyers of exclusive models and thus it is possible to offer a partial edition of the novelties directly through the Conrad specialized trade partners.

What is the current Conrad product range and the annual novelties?

Conrad offers several novelty packages in a loose order each year. We present them via our online brochures and on our homepage. Conrad's specialist trade partners are also informed comprehensively about the new products.

Does Conrad provide information about the models and their role models?

Since mid 2020, the bilingual "Conrad Magazine" (German/English) has been available as an online edition in our blog. There, topics concerning the Conrad models are presented in loose order. In the magazine you will always find an essay on a special topic, it cannot be compared to a "printed magazine" and therefore can be accessed free of charge by anyone interested.

Where can I get spare parts for Conrad models?

Conrad models are high-quality functional models, they are manufactured with care and undergo a strict final inspection. Should a part be missing, an instruction manual not be included or even a fine part not survive the transport despite extensive transport protection, we will of course take responsibility for the resulting mishap. It is very important to us that you enjoy your new model to the full. In order to ensure that a warranty claim can be processed as quickly and easily as possible, please use the customer service form.

Can you visit Conrad?

Yes, we would be delighted to welcome you to our museum. However, we ask you to make an appointment in advance by telephone. You can find everything you need to know here. In the museum you have the possibility to purchase available models of the yearly assortment. You can also visit us at important and selected fairs and exhibitions. A list of all events with our participation, we will publish online, if such events are possible again.

Why are Conrad models collectibles?

Conrad models are not toys, they are rather the almost perfect copy of the original, moreover with mostly very many functions and movement possibilities, but not remote controlled and not motorized. The models are, as with the real truck and crane manufacturers, elaborately and faithfully developed by engineers and product designers. Countless man-hours have to be spent in mould making. Only then can the first model be produced. Zinc die-casting is the primary method used. Fine accessories are made of high-quality, break-proof plastic material. All individual parts are further processed by hand and painted if necessary. Fine details and dainty imprints are not applied with simple stickers, but with different printing techniques in highest precision. This means that a model requires innumerable work steps before it is finished in the assembly department and also passes the last critical quality control. Only then can Conrad models be sent on their way to the customer.

Why does the model no longer exist?

If a certain model is sold out at our factory, this does not always mean that it no longer exists. It is quite possible that you can still get it from one or the other model dealer. In this respect, this question cannot always be answered clearly. Sometimes you have to contact some dealers in search of your desired model to get hold of a certain model after all.

Where are Conrad models made?

Conrad models are one hundred percent "Made in Germany". The company employs about 90 people at three locations (two in Franconia and one, as an extended workbench, in the nearby Czech Republic). Technically experienced and further trained designers, specially trained specialists and skilled assembly workers create several million individual parts per year from many tons of zinc and plastic granulate using particularly individual production machines. The final assembly of the models takes place in Kalchreuth, very close to the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.

Is Conrad gender-appropriate?

We don't have to list all genders in our texts, no matter if on the internet or in printed form, to make clear that we treat all people equally - this is a matter of course for us! In order not to worsen the readability, we renounce the additional naming of female and various forms as well as the common gender*asterisk. All texts written by us are to be regarded as "gender-neutral" in principle.