Baldwins Demag AC 1000 - Pre-order until end of Oktober 2020


For the first time, we started a trial with a large crane: We manufacture on advance order! Why: Nothing is more annoying when the produced quantity is not sufficient or when even a large "remainder" reduces the value of the models. To avoid this, we have designated the Baldwins DEMAG AC 1000 as a "pre-order model". An option that has so far proved to be very useful. Demand for the model is much greater than we thought, the quantity we forecast would not have been enough. There is still time: If you also want to "drive" such a telescope giant into your collection, there is still time until 30 October 2020. Your trusted specialist dealer will be happy to accept advance orders. Attention: We produce exactly the quantity ordered!





The model shown here is an individual model conversion of our British model building friend Paul E. Rose. He was so kind and provided us with his pictures. Please note that the serial model will differ from the photos shown here. On the one hand, the conversion reproduces details which the model does not carry today, and on the other hand, it was possible to reproduce individual details which are not possible or useful in series production.