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Take the opportunity and secure your visit to bauma 2022. Here you are directly at the pulse of the international construction, building materials and mining machinery industry, get great insights into promising technologies and can purchase the latest models of the "giants" in small. Conrad is once again producing a lot of new things for the trade fair in 2022. On this page you will find current information and links to the topic in the next few days. This way you will be fully informed, even if you don't come to Munich in person.


+++ 21 November +++

The pictures of the participatory action "Bauma im Bild" are online on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube! We hope you enjoy the show. The winners will be drawn and notified shortly. We will also present them here. We wish you good luck with the "Raffle".


+++ 10 November +++

The "Bauma in pictures" campaign ends on 13.11.2022 - after that, the models will be raffled off and the pictures will be posted online.



+++ 27 October +++

Moving pictures from Munich: Impressions of the trade fair grounds.


+++ 26 October +++

Today we have our "Get together" for our fans.at Vertikal.net, stand 708/6 - from 13.00 to 14.00 hrs. We are looking forward to your visit!


+++ 25 October +++

We present our BAUMA innovations in short films. You can see them on Facebook and Instagram.



+++ 24 October +++

The BAUMA novelties as a picture show.


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+++ 24 October +++

Picture download available in the press area.



+++ 24 October +++

Conrad models for BAUMA 2022 will be on offer at a wide variety of exhibition stands of the original manufacturers. Here is a selection of the most important and interesting exhibitors:Messest-nde-BAUMA-2022-1200_630px


+++ 24 October +++

The following vehicle manufacturers have ordered their own new developments and special series for the world's leading trade fair for construction machinery, mining machinery and construction vehicles in Munich:

Art.-No.           Model

2225/0             LIEBHERR R 945 Litronic Multi-User (Long Reach) Raupenbagger

2222/0             LIEBHERR R940 Abbruchbagger mit Abbruchausrüstung (23m)

2035/0             WOLFFKRAN Wippkran 166 B mit Cityportal CP690

2123/0             LIEBHERR MK 88-4.1 Mobilbaukran

2123/01            LIEBHERR MK 88-4.1 Mobilbaukran ELEKTRO

2124/0             GROVE GMK4100L-2 All-Terrain Kran

2125/0             GROVE GMK 5150XL All-Terrain-Crane

2524/01            BAUER BG 28 Großdrehbohrgerät auf Trägergerät BT75D, UW 65

93004/0           MBI-Anbauteile Set

2126/0             LIEBHERR Mobilkran LTM1110-5.2

78252/0            CIFA  K36L Betonpumpe auf MERCEDES-BENZ Arocs

78253/0            CIFA SL 9 Fahrmischer auf MERCEDES-BENZ Arocs

78254/0            MEILLER TRIGENIUS® D316 auf Mercedes-Benz Arocs

78255/0            MEILLER TRIGENIUS® D421 auf Mercedes-Benz Arocs

81254/0            MEILLER TRIGENIUS® D316 auf MAN TGS NN

81255/0            MEILLER TRIGENIUS® D421 auf MAN TGS NN

78199/07          PUTZMEISTER  M42-5 RZ Betonpumpe auf  Mercedes-Benz AROCS "Iontron"

2231/0             KOBELCO SK1300DLC-10 Demolition Raupenbagger

2230/0             SENNEBOGEN 824 G Materialumschlagmaschine

98042/0            GOLDHOFER Arcus PK6 Semiauflieger 6-achs mit Schwanenhals

98040/0            GOLDHOFER STEPSTAR 3achs Semi-Auflieger mit Radmulden

77131/03          STETTER C-Version Fahrmischer auf MAN TGS M Euro 6 4-achs


 *) Meaning "im Bauma-Shop": Conrad models are offered in the trade fair shops of the original manufacturers concerned.



+++ 21 October +++

The list of exhibitors is certainly interesting for all model freaks. You can find it here:




+++ 19 October +++

Wednesday afternoon - more model deliveries leave the production facility in Kalchreuth.



+++ 18 October +++ 

On 26 October, there will be an opportunity to exchange ideas with the Conrad management at the Vertikal Verlag stand from 1 to 2 pm. We are looking forward to many visitors from the Conrad fan community! We would like to take this opportunity to thank the editor-in-chief Rüdiger Kopf of the trade magazine "Kran & Bühne" and his team from Vertikal Verlag for the good cooperation.




+++ 18 October +++ 

A new model is in series production - more on this from 24.10.2022.



+++ 17 October +++ 

Presentation of our participation campaign "bauma in a picture".
And this is how it works:
Take a smart "snapshot" of the construction equipment on display at bauma - a reference to Conrad would be great - if the model shown also has a Conrad model, or place the model on top of or in front of the model! You are also welcome to come up with something else. We are looking forward to your pictures. We will raffle off three models among all entrants. Have fun looking for a motif!

Your participation e-mail is:oliver.kaschel@conrad-modelle.de




+++ 14 October +++

Friday, 14 October, early afternoon - in view of the production - all work areas are active.



+++ 14 October +++

For all fans of construction machinery, there is also the bauma NETWORK.



+++ 13 October +++

A short review in pictures of BAUMA 2019 - it's been a long time - we're looking forward to the new edition this year.


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+++ 13 October +++

We are planning a get-together for Conrad fans at the stand of the trade magazine "Kran & Bühne" on one day of the fair. More details will follow in the next few days here in the ticker or on Facebook.



+++ 13 October +++

Currently in production, a Conrad model consisting of 269 (!) individual parts. The last parts are currently being assembled.



+++ 12 October +++

If you would like more direct information about bauma, this is the place to go:


Conrad production is in full swing, we are currently compiling a list of the Bauma models, which we will not be allowed to publish until a later date. The fact is that there are quite a few new moulds to look forward to.

Here is an impression of a first working paper that we have made unrecognisable due to secrecy regulations and which, of course, still needs a lot of work in terms of content and scope.




+++ 11 October +++
Start of the Conrad bauma ticker. Here you can centrally view all news posted by us. Whether Instagrm, Facebook or youtube, here you will find all the news again, should you not be at home on all the "channels".


Impression from the bauma 2019.


 +++ 11 October +++

On Facebook we present the bauma Webcam.