Project "Kinderkran"

At the beginning of 2021, Franz X. Saller Jr. (the managing director of KRAN SALLER) launched a very special project: the Kinderkran. Every hour of service brings a donation to the Clinic for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Neonatology, Pediatric Cardiology, Neuropediatrics in Deggendorf.

Together with chief physician Dr. med. Michael Mandl and Mrs. Ute Weber (teacher at the school for sick children) as further patrons besides Franz X. Saller jun., a 10-year project to finance the children's department at the Donau Isar Klinikum Deggendorf will start in 2021.

This campaign already began in 2020, when Franz X. Saller Jr. had the idea of covering almost the entire surface of a crane with pictures painted by children stationed at the hospital. The pictures were created during art lessons (Pop Art style). The so-called "MK/KINDERKRAN" can now be used for any private application (e.g. lifting a pool) or for steel construction, timber construction, roofing work, filigree construction, renewable energies (erection of PV systems), prefabricated house construction etc. For each hour of work, a portion of the proceeds goes to the children's ward. At the end of each year, a balance sheet is drawn up and the amount is handed over. Conrad has provided a small edition of this crane as a 1:50 scale model. The models will be used for this good cause. More information will follow on

(Quelle: Kran-Saller)