The Conrad-Newsletter is online!

The newsletter is back

We are a small step further, dear Conrad friends! The newsletter is back. All around we have introduced some new features. Curious? Just sign up. Either at the top right of the Conrad page or at the bottom right. And now to an important promise! The newsletter always comes when there is something important new to report - not inflationary and also not because of any "trivialities" - we do not produce advertising waste. We have neither the desire nor the time for that. We want to inform you - not annoy you.

Just register and if you don't want the newsletter anymore, no problem. Unsubscribing is just as transparent and easy as registering. We have not programmed the unsubscribe function somewhere in the "small print".

Just give the newsletter a try!

Your Conrad Team

P.S. Please also have a look into the spam folder, maybe the registration confirmation will arrive there.